Monday, September 28, 2009

Female Empowerment From Moxsie

Hello there, everyone. Ahem, about one person, that's the count so far. Anyways, I'm going to pretend someone reads this and post more.

This one shirt from Moxsie I have seen a lot around Polyvore and decided to use it myself. The shirt can be dressed up, dressed down, anyway you want it. (Just the way you need it!) This first set is my own; Enjoy.

 Fabulous Feminine Power, Darlings

Until My Next Inspiration,
xoxo ciagirl 


  1. thanks for usin` mah set! i lovee dat top too && i enjoy tha other sets

  2. Aw, man. I accidentaly deleted Julia From Moxie's comment. Well she said she liked the dimepiece top, and I was going to say, I didn't make any sets except the first one, so tell the person who's name is below the set. <3

    Thanks Kimee